A Typical Chuckleberries Day

The Daily Schedule

A daily schedule at Chuckleberries provides a basic consistent routine to meet your child’s individual needs and their specific developmental stage. A typical day at Chuckleberries offers a balance of active and quiet time; large group, small group and individual activities; indoor and outdoor play and time for your child to choose their own activities, as well as time for adult led activities. This allows us to offer fundamental activities in order to deliver fully the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS).


Our daily routine at Chuckleberries is flexible and at times spontaneous, to meet individual and group interests. We have no problem at Chuckleberries stopping everything for a life lesson, something that comes up suddenly that your child can experience in real life, like finding a grasshopper outside and bringing it in and setting up a habitat for it, instead of doing circle time. An incident like this leads to endless discussion and learning. Or perhaps going for a spontaneous walk to see the flooded river or to the woods to look at the trees change colour as we move from autumn to winter, or just a walk to the local church, these create great opportunities for fun and learning.

8.45 – 9.00 Parent drop off and registration

Your child arrives at Chuckleberries and finds their coat peg with a strawberry with their name on.  They place their coats and bags on their peg and lunch box on the lunch box trolley, then they find their name as they walk to the desk and self register. During this time parent communication is very important. Letting pre-school teachers know about any changes in sleeping, eating or behaviour patterns. This is important in being able to manage how your child may interact with friends and the activities planned for the day. Remember we are working in partnership to ensure each day at Chuckleberries is the best it can be.

9.15 – 9.45 Circle Time

Circle Time is a very important time of the day for little ones. This is where we get to say an official “good morning” and welcome any new children to Chuckleberries. At circle time your child will, in time learn to sit with all the other children and pre-school teachers and learn about what will be going on at Chuckleberries that day. At circle time we learn about the days of the week, the calendar, the weather, our colours, shapes, we sing songs and much much more. Although the general “Good Morning” routine is the same, the content will adjust according to what we may be learning about or what the children want to bring to circle time.

9.45 – 10.45 Free play and Morning Snack

Throughout this time your child can choose the activities they get involved in and are given the opportunity to explore both inside and outside. These activites include: dressing up and role play, small world toys such as trains, cars, happyland, dinosaurs and book corner. Construction toys for example building blocks, mobilo, giant waffles, stickle bricks and connectors. Exploring textures, colours, shapes, numbers and letters with playdough, drawing, painting, threading, puzzles, sorting. To using physical equipment such as ride on toys, tunnels and tents, hula hoops, balls, sand and water and seesaws to name but a few. We also have many IT opportunities using our interactive wipeboard, our touch screen computor and tablets. The assortment of toys and equipment available to your child at Chuckleberries is endless offering lots of opportunities to learn through play.

Snack Time

Morning snack is one of the times of day at Chuckleberries that your child will learn about being healthy and clean. Snack time is on a rolling system with children being invited to have a drink and something to eat. Each child is helped to wash their hands, choose some snack they have helped prepare and help pour their choice of drink either milk or water.


10.45 -11.30 Outdoor Play or small group activities

Although during the morning your child has been able to explore and play in the free flow outdoor undercover area at Chuckleberries, this is the time depending on the weather, when we all get ready to go outside for lots more physical play and adventures out on the school grounds in the fresh air. We may be dressing for the snow, the sun or the rain and it’s at this time we dress appropriately, so please help us ensure your child is prepared for all weathers with wellies, waterproofs, coats, sunhats and cream! Getting ready to go outside provides one of many opportunities for teaching your child to become more independent putting on their own coats, doing up buttons and zips. But of course we are there to help after all they are only 2-4 years old.

11.30 – 12.30 Lunch

Coming inside, changing out of outdoor clothes, toileting and hand washing, then phew! tummies are rumbling, but thank goodness for that, yummy it’s time for lunch. We eat Lunch either at the Chuckleberries picnic tables in the shade out on the play ground or at tables inside, again a little dependant on the weather. Lunchtime is a very sociable time at Chuckleberries encouraging communication between your child, other children and the pre-school teachers, as well as self-help skills and generally good manners.

12.30 – 13.00 Quiet time and going home time for some

At this time of day your child is encouraged after burning up lots of their energy to choose something quiet to do, like a computer based activity, listening to a story in the book corner, looking at a books themselves, drawing or just simply grabbing a blanket and a cushion and having a little rest, maybe listening to some music or a story on CD. Whilst children going home at 12.45 are encouraged to collect up their belongings independently, join in the going home song and sit quietly in the Sydney room and wait to be collected.

13.00 – 14.00 Free play and tidy up time

At this time to your child can continue with quiet time or they may have   some more free play choosing from all the toys and equipment that have been available to them during the session. Then all the children will be asked to join in the tidy up song and they will be asked to choose something to pack away or be asked to tidy something away, music will then be heard and everybody will be involved fully with ‘Tidy Up Time’, have we really got to finish playing now!



14.00 – 14.45 Focused group activity and story time

For the final part of the Chuckleberries day with children staying until 14.45, everyone will join in a planned activity focusing on teaching a key skill such as a game involving colour, number or letter recognition, throwing and catching a ball, mouse control to name a couple. Then altogether they will enjoy a story read from a book, or with the use of a story sack or using the interactive wipe-board.

Every day at Chuckleberries

is a new adventure and experience!