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We are Chuckleberries Pre-School, based in Bury Village Hall, Bury, Near Pulborough, West Sussex. We operate as a Parent Commitee managed Not-for-Profit organisation offering a sessional care setting for children aged 2 to 5 years. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday during term time from 9am to 2.45pm. A holiday club operates during some of the other weeks in the year, which is open 9am to 1pm. All sessions include a break for packed lunch and as much outdoor time as possible.

We are developing all aspects of our setting to achieve the Early Years Foundation Stage requirements, we will keep everyone up to date on this website, especially with the key projects. We will be and currently do follow the standards for learning, development and care as set out for children aged 2 to 5.

A copy of our prospectus along with other documents are available for you to download.

Overview of the provision of the Early Years Foundation Stage at Chuckleberries

Chuckleberries provides a safe, secure and happy environment creating the foundation your child needs to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow. Here at Chuckleberries we understand the importance of child development, linking the activities and experiences offered through the Every Child Matters (2004) Outcomes.

These are:

  • Being Healthy
  • Staying Safe
  • Enjoying and Achieving
  • Making a positive contribution
  • Economic well being

Chuckleberries Curriculum has been written in accordance with current Government requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which covers child development from birth to 5 years. The curriculum centres on the EYFS themes which are;

  • A Unique Child
  • Positive Relationships
  • Enabling Environment
  • Learning and Developing

All the toys and activities put out at the start of a session cover the areas of the EYFS. During the session at Chuckleberries we interact with the children to encourage learning outcomes.

When your child joins us at Chuckleberries they are assigned to a team key worker, who will help with familiarisation of the pre-school and development of feelings of confidence and safety within the setting.

Records kept on your child whilst at Chuckleberries are in the form of a "learning journal", your child's key worker will put pictures in the journal, whilst high lighting your child's development so that you have a record of your child's learning whilst they are with us.

As parents and carers you are welcome to look at your child's learning journal at any time and you may meet with your child's key worker at any time during session to discuss any matter. We do not operate formal parent consultation meetings, but prefer that you request time with us, at your convenience, ensuring that you can be as involved as you wish.

The six areas of learning in the EYFS cover all areas of development. These are observed and recorded in your child's learning journal whilst they are with us;

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication language and literacy
  • Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

Each area progresses through age related stages to the final 'Early Learning Goals' at 40 -60 months. It must be appreciated that children do not conform rigidly to these and vary in the speed at which they achieve them, the framework is there to ensure your child is gaining the skills and knowledge that will support and prepare them for key stage 1 at school.

We should emphasise that all learning at Chuckleberries is through fun, creative and stimulating activities. The children are given the freedom to select from a range of toys and activities which we believe increases their desire to learn. Toys help to encourage the development of children in the different learning areas so that even when children seem to be 'just playing' they are learning at the same time.

Samantha Gleason
Chairman of the Committee

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ChuckleBerries Pre School, Bury, Pulborough, Sussex
ChuckleBerries Pre School, Bury, Pulborough, Sussex
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